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Originally Posted by DeSapience View Post
I'll check the exact 2ss 2012 tire sizes tomorrow, but, the real issue here is that out of 8 tires on two SPANKING BRAND NEW 2012 Camaros, three of them were defective, and could not be even balanced!! They also had serious flat spots, even though both cars were assembled the first week in August, and never sat more than a day or two anywhere!!

Again, I was also told that no replacement Pirellis for my 2012 2SS or for that 2012 RS, were available ANYWHERE, including GM.

I'll check tomorrow and post accordingly...
I had the same issue when I had a nail in my tire on the sidewall but I was in FL at the time. They couldn't find a tire anywhere. They managed to get one that was 100miles away and all they had was 1 left.
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