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Originally Posted by usa1camaro1969 View Post
Last I heard, Will stepped away from Adkins. I don't know if he got his car back, but he told me the turbo was still not tuned and it was leaking badly.
The guy who had the manual there got his car back without the turbo. They had the clutch in and it felt bad. They redid it and I think the guy said he was going to drive it back to SanAntonio from CA.

Jonathan was making promises he couldn't keep and had a bad business sense. He said the clutch was done, sold one to me, a month went by with excuse after excuse as to why it hadn't shipped. I asked for a refund and was told it would be granted. Another month goes by and I am losing it. I finally contacted my bank and got my refund finally yesterday.
This is not the first forum to ban them and I don't believe it was just for rules infractions.
I'm now going to get back in touch with Spec and see how they're doing with their clutch project.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
there were a few people who called adkins on this from the moment he started looking for cars to do this with. those of you who refused to believe...well obviously you should have...jonathan is simply an idiot who couldnt run a lemonade stand. funny, i was just curious if i was ever proven wrong with this build so i just did a search, and this is what came up. i feel bad for you guys that got taken, including will if this is true....but you all were warned.
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