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It's fast enough and the only people who don't know it's not a v8 are the SS owners.. lol.. I let a woman from work drive my car because she was talking about how she wanted so badly to ride in the new Camaro. When I told her I own one and let her drive it she looked like a little girl who had just been given a pony. She started to baby it and when we got on an open road I told her to go ahead and punch it. When she did she heard the roar from the intake and immediately let off then exclaimed to me,"OMG!!" we both laughed... I told her it's fine and asked her to do it again and she punched it for a bit then slowed down and said she loved my car. When we got out she started to brag about how she's gotten her car over 120mph but how much stronger my car was to hers. She owns a 2003 Mercedes SL500 (5.0 L 302 hp v8.) I told her my car was only a v6 and she didn't believe me.. I still am pretty sure she doesn't believe me.. lol

Our cars are plenty fast and can even keep up with most stock v8s for the most part (and beating the older v8s.)
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