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Originally Posted by OOLIE View Post

I used to want a mustang until I saw this car.
jesus..I cant believe this thread is still going. Im with you oolie. I actually suppose to have went in and signed on the dotted line for an all black/black 2011 mustang v6 premium package with the performance pack for 24k the same week I purchased my camaro. Mod vs mod, I wish I would have just stuck with my choice but overall I am happy with the combination of looks and performance that the camaro offer. No slouch in any way. After I add some 3.73 or 4.11 I should be in the 12's or very very close if I can get my 60' down. I think that is more power than some peoples will ask for. Only if somebody can just crack the bosch ecm wide open and come out with cams that will change the game
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