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Originally Posted by 2Pacer View Post
Okay here it is. When was the last time GM built a car worthy of the Z/28 badge. I have a 67 and it is a great car. Owned a 2001 not any different than an SS. Is it all about the badge? If the Z/28 does come back I hope it is a special car worthy of its badge.

The market is there for a Z28. I get conflicting reports on this but personally I think the ZL1 was going to be the Z28. Then the Boss Mustang came along and they yanked the idea of it at the last min. negotiated somethign with SLP and what was going to be the Z28 is now the ZL1.

Now Z28. Sure it should be in the same vein as the Boss. Is that not what the Z28 was? The boss fighter? Then it should go back to its roots and be a track ready race car like the Boss..not some gussed up over the top ZL1. Sure would we all like to order a ZL1? Sure but the price is not there..ok how bout a race version of the same car for a little less?
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