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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Gents... my Dealer sent me a short e-mail today about my CGM choice
"I need you to be thinking about your color choice. Next week your order goes up in the system and for now the Cyber Gray is on hold.
I won’t need to know until then but think about it."

I replied and told him I'd stop by Saturday and talk. No way I'm changing my color, but it sounds like I may need some ammunition to keep from getting bumped down his list.
I thought I saw a couple folks w/ CGM progress to Event Code 2000.
Thanks for the Ammo :fighting0040:
Sorry, mlee, no ammo here. No CGM cars have gotten beyond 1100. Camaroscotty says it'll probably be off constraint next week...Thursday, but in the mean time one of your dealer's orders may be pulled, and I believe it's out of his control.
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