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Ever have someone else drive your car so you can see how it looks crusing by?

I took my moms car to work today so I could do some work on it and I let her take my 550rwhp supercharged camaro while I had her car. My moms been driving fast cars since she met my dad as hes a gear head too. So it was nothing new to her.

She had some places to run around to so she left when I did for work and I followed her until she had to turn on the highway, I have to say I'm even more in love with the car after seeing it for the first time being driven. The sound of the supercharger, longtubes with no cats or mufflers and the smell of 110 and 93 mix. Hot damn.

It was hilarious, she was driving it all nice and then when she turned to get on the highway I was about a block away and just hear this " ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR *shift* ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR" and I shook my head, she drives my car harder then I do and shes almost 50 lmao. Ten mins later I get a text from her "This car is Wicked awesome. I think im gonna drive it all day". Thanks mom for abusing my car while I work on yours lol.
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