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2012 Air Conditioning issues.....

Well.......the 2012's are not immune to A/C problems either !

3 days with the car and the A/C (with less than 100 miles) was acting strange. It was not freezing cold (that is typical of GM cars) and then it went warm - then cold- then semi-cold - then cold - regardless of RPMs or outside temp.

I took it to the dealer this morning and they told me that there is already a reprogram for the computer relating to this issue. They promptly hooked up a laptop to the car and reprogrammed it, and on the way home the A/C was 100% cold the way it should be.

You would think that with the 2012 model year, the factory would have cleared out any known issues to these cars. I am told that my car was the 1st 2012 delivered in Miami. Regardless, the issues appears to be resolved - for now. I hope for good.........
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