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You know my dumbass didn't even think about being there when they unload. Thats also a good way to guarantee no one will be going on any little "test drives."

I read somewhere that if someone sees more then 5 miles on his car he won't pay sticker due to the fact his new car is actually used...was a very good point.

I am not too concerned imo because the dealership knows the consequences of screwing up my order. They have a sister dealership...ourisman honda in bethesda that is right across from my business. Every customer of theirs is a customer of ours, they wouldn't risk any bad talking for a quick drive. Plus they are getting a 1LT which they plan on driving around.

And with the exception of a quick 3day drip after the tax deadline i'll be around for anyone that wants to meet up.
I'll keep everyone posted on delivery news.

I am assuming (since my car VIN was posted first thing wed) that my car was made on 3/24/09. Knowing how long it takes for me to get my car should give me a rough estimate of how long it takes to get from status 3800 to shipped. I hope that all makes sense. Its late and i'm tired.
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