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Cool A peek at Dusk Camaro and concept cars in GM Heritage Center garage

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE.

I went to the Woodward Cruise this last weekend. Arrived Friday at 1:00 in the afternoon to meet all the SSR Fanatics at the GM Heritage Center. did our tour there, it was awesome. So I am leaving and the building across the street, the doors are up but they have a gate across the entrance. Being the nosy person that i am i go over to take a look cause it looks like some cool stuff. Looking in the gate there is some car that looks like a concept Buick Riveria convertable and on my right is the concept Pontiac Solstice. Looking further I see the Vette speedster from the T3 movie.

So a guy walks out of the office and says "how you guys doing?" I say "good" do you gotta chase us off? He says "no, you can come in and look around if you want" All pre-production, concept, sema or movie cars in there. It was awesome. So we see this Camaro in a different blue color than the production models have with a kind of a burnt orange tan interior. My wife asked the directer about it and he said it was built special for Jim Carrey. So here are some pictures of it and some of the other notable vehicles in there.

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