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Originally Posted by Nightfall View Post
i love it for its looks it is one of the best looking cars in the world today. and yeah slower cause of the smaller motor. I know the tuscan and the sagaris. Is like compareing the camaro to the corvette (in retrospect) but just like i would choise the camaro over the corvette i would choise the sagaris over the tuscan any day of the week
Sagaris is always a 4 liter, Tuscans were available in 3.6 and 4.0. It's the bodywork that slows the Sagaris down in a straight line, but it helps with the cornering

Another problem I found with the Sagaris: the roof line is so low that it is almost impossible to drive it with a helmet on, without touching the built in rollcage, unless you drive with your head tilted left all the time (only RHD).

Tuscan has much more room, and an open roof.. but all in all, not much difference between the two in terms of handling (given you have a proper geo setup on the Tuscan...), with the Sagaris being that little bit faster through turns due to the more track oriented setup.

Anyway, back on track: the Camaro's a great addition to my little collection
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