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ROCKD... my bad, i thought you were the one getting it from sweeny. anyhow, i hear ya about the g.m.s. with all the dealers, but i've been doing my homework in the last week because columbiana told me that they would give me g.m.s. if it were available when the car comes in... well now that the car is almost here they won't commit to it! i figured that this B.S. was going to happen. i can't wait to give them a piece of my mind when they call me to pick it up if ofcourse they deny the discount. Especially now since i have confirmed w/ greg greenwood (greenwood chevy) and sweeny as of 2 days ago who stated that they will NOW DEFINITELY honor g.m.s. simply because of the struggling car market. so w/ that said they called me today and stated that it may be in on mon. or tue. of next week. we'll see
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