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While researching performance items for this list, some prices were found and added for reference purposes only and are estimated.

Description of each item is something I found while researching and thought it would help to understand the items.

The RWHP are approximate based on typical descriptions from both users and manufactures.

For the people who don’t know this, one cannot simply take the HP from each item and add them together to determine your current set-up. Many of the items when combined will produce minimum HP, as much of the gains have already been made with the previous item(s)

This is a link I just came across this morning (2/19/2017) for a good write-up story on many of the performance items listed below.


Replace engine-asphyxiating OEM parts with high-flow cold air intake kits. They're like a breath of fresh air that'll get your engine pumping. You'll discover gains in horsepower, torque and even fuel economy. Typical RWHP is in 10 - 20.

Great info about Air Intakes on this thread. This info is for V8's but much of it applies for the V6 too.

AEM Brute Force Air Intake $355.

Airaid Intake System (Filter Oil or Dry) $350.

Apex Motorsports Cold Air Intake Scoop $75.

BBK Power-Plus Cold Air Intake System $285.

Cold Air Inductions $400.

Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake System $340.

Injen Short Ram Power Intake System $320.

K&N Air Charger High-Flow Intake Kit $ 265.

K&N Typhoon Intake System $275.

Roto-Fab $320.

SLP Blackwing Cold Air Induction $200.

Spectre $170.

Vararam $335.

Volant Cold Air Intake $260


The options are endless for brake rotors and pads from the aftermarket companies. Another option is to upgrade with stock SS, 1LE or ZL1 brake systems.


This mod can be costly due to the fact that the LLT engine has four cams, where as the SS models have only one cam. The only company that has this available at this time has produced approx. 30 rwhp.

Mace $ ??


Effectively remove & trap oil mist/vapors from the PCV flow. Condensation. The vapors traveling through the can make contact with the outer (cooling) surface and the oil is condensed to droplets where they fall to the bottom of the can and are trapped for removal. Very important for Direct Injection Engines as there is no fuel to help clean the intake and valves.

RevXtreme Catch Can w/ Dual Check Valve $159.

RevXtreme Catch Can w/ Single Check Valve $139.

RevXtreme Breather Oil Fill Cap $39.

Elite Catch Can $155.

Saikou Michi Can Starting at $60.


Billet and forged rods, stronger than stock, built to withstand the PSI from high HP engines.

RevXtreme $ working


Superchargers - A supercharger is an air compressor used to increase the pressure, temperature, and density of air supplied to an internal combustion engine. The compressed air that a supercharger provides to an engine supplies a greater mass of oxygen per cycle of the engine to support combustion than available to a naturally aspirated engine, which makes it possible for more fuel to be burned and more work to be done per cycle, which increases the power the engine produces.

RX Vortech Supercharger $5900.

IPF Supercharger $5895.

Turbochargers -A turbocharger or turbo (colloquialism), from the Greek "τύρβη" (mixing/spinning) is a forced induction device used to allow more power to be produced for an engine of a given size. A turbocharged engine can be more powerful and efficient than a naturally aspirated engine because the turbine forces more air, and proportionately more fuel, into the combustion chamber than atmospheric pressure alone.

RX Turbochargs

STS Turbocharges $5195.

Nitrous -Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a chemical compound used as an oxidizing agent to increase an internal combustion engines power output by allowing more fuel to be burned than would normally be the case.

ZEX $600


Working on this one.


There's more power lurking under your hood than you might imagine. The key to unlocking all those baying ponies is simple: exhaust headers and manifolds. Unlike the heavy, clunky, inefficient exhaust manifold that came with your ride, exhaust headers are engineered for maximum flow efficiency. And, the faster the fumes spill out of your engine, the faster your vehicle will go. Typical RWHP is in 5 – 8 for the short, and 15 – 20 for the long.

Be aware that headers will change your exhaust note and will add more of aggressive nature to it. Short tube headers typically compliment almost any exhaust. Long Tube headers can cause an exhaust to be very loud, aggressive, and raspy. But combined with a proper exhaust setup (a resonated X muffler is most common) they can be tamed and sound very “muscular”.

Long Tube

American Racing Headers (optional H-pipe too)

with Catalytic Converter $1295.

without Catalytic Converter $1165.

BBK Performance Exhaust (Chrome, Silver Ceramic, Stainless Steel) $700., $800., $900.

OBX Exhaust Manifold $400.

Pace Setter Quik Trip (Black, Armor Coat) $220., $385.

Pace Setter Extensions with Catalytic Converter $260.

Pace Setter Extensions without Catalytic Converter $125.

Stainless Works

with Catalytic Converter $1140.

without Catalytic Converter $940.

Short Tube

Doug Thorley Shorty (Ceramic) $345.

Flowmaster Scavenger Series Elite Headers $630.

JBA Shorty (Stainless, Silver Ceramic, Titanium Ceramic) $ 395., $ 535., $535.

Pace Setter Shorty (Black, Armor Coat) $215., $375.


Porting for flow #'s cost power....the DI motor is very dependent on velocity. Still working on the totally redesigned new heads but they are out quite a ways.

RevXtreme $ working


A manifold insulator is a thermal insulating spacer that mounts between your upper and lower intake manifold. Made from a heat blocking composite, the manifold insulators will increase power from your engine by keeping the intake cooler, and produce a 5% increase in low end torque by increasing runner length. Typical RWHP is 5 at the top end, however, you should see greater gains in the low to mid RPM range.

Mace 6.25mm, 12mm, 25mm Plenum Spacer $110., $110., $160.

VMAX Motorsports 3/8” Black Ice-olator Plenum Spacer $150.


The mass air sensor increases airflow by up to 45% and communicates the increase with the engine's computer to give you instant gains in low-end torque and horsepower. Unfortunately these have not proven to be worth anything yet for our V6. However, they are listed here since these are on the market today. If anyone can show gains with one of these items, please post up the results as many would like to believe in these items and purchase them for their Camaro. Typical RWHP none

Jet Power-Flow Mass Air Sensor $130.


Stronger than stock, built to withstand the PSI from high HP engines.

RevXtreme $ working


A plenum spacer is a special spacer that sits between your plenum cover and intake manifold. Its main purpose is to improve air distribution between cylinders by slowing down the air speed inside the plenum chamber. As a result there is less of a pressure drop inside the plenum chamber between cylinders, and less air momentum, resulting in better air distribution and therefore power.

Mace 12mm Plenum Spacer $150.

VMAX Motorsports Plenum Spacer $129.


Porting and polishing an engine's intake manifold is an essential step in optimizing its performance, particularly if it is a modified engine. Porting is the process in which material on the intake manifold is removed to open up and enlarge the ports while polishing smooth’s out the surface. Both methods optimize air flow into the motor and thereby increase horsepower. The job is labor intensive and expensive if you pay someone to do it, but it can be done by yourself with the proper tools and knowledge.

Mace $375.

RevXtreme $ ??


Shifters offer shorter shift throws and a more solid shift feel than the standard stamped-steel shifter. Many consist of an alloy casting attached to a cut steel plate. Some are internally adjustable for shift feel through the use of removable springs. Lately billet aluminum parts and adjustable stops have been coming to market to limit stick travel.

Barton Short Throw Shifter $225. - $285.

Barton Auto Pistol Grip Shifter $150.

Hurst Short Throw Shifter

MGW Short Throw Shifter


A Stroker kit is an aftermarket assembly that increases the displacement of a reciprocating engine by increasing the travel of the piston (that is, the piston moves further up and/or down in the cylinder). This is done by using a different crankshaft where the crank pin is moved further away from the center of the axis of rotation of the crankshaft. While this increases displacement and torque it can potentially lower the limit to which the motor can rev safely compared to the stock configuration.

RevXtreme $ Working


This mod, one can expect to feel a better response from the throttle input and a feeling of better torque in low rpm ranges. At mid and peak RPM ranges, don't expect much of a change. But because of the better response, this is a very popular mod.

Modern Muscle $ ??

VMAX CNC Spiral Ported Throttle Body $150.


This mod, is an electronic controller that connects underneath the gas pedal. Plug and play. 10 minute install. .

Throttle Controller by Vitesse Motorsports $180.


Unfortunately these have not proven to be worth anything yet for our V6. However, they are listed here since these are on the market today. If anyone can show gains with one of these items, please post up the results as many would like to believe in these items and purchase them for their Camaro. Typical RWHP none.

Airaid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer $139.

Jet Power-Flow TBI Spacer $75.

Taylor Cable Helix Power Tower Throttle Body Spacer $115.


A tune can provide the fine adjustment required to help dial in all the added performance mods. These can be individually adjusted to each vehicle as necessary. Noticeable HP is gained, shortly after loading the tune by making adjustments to the stock set-up. They can also change the way the transmission monitors the torque management. CEL’s can be turned off. One even offers what in known in the industry as a “ghost” cam. Simply download from an email, and upload to your vehicle thru a computer and the OBD port. Typical RWHP is 13 – 20.

Hypertech Max Energy Programmer $330.

IPF $350. - $400.

Trifecta Tune $465. (on sale $300. includes cable)


An under drive pulley refers to an aftermarket crankshaft or accessory pulley (such as an alternator pulley) that is designed to drive a vehicle's accessories at a slower rate than stock. Under drive in general means the input rate of rotation in a system is greater than the output rate of rotation. However, an under drive pulley is considered to be an accessory pulley that is larger than the stock pulley, or a crankshaft pulley that is smaller than the stock crankshaft pulley, even though the accessory may not necessarily be under driven with respect to the crankshaft pulley.

SLP $260.


This is 100% personal. Style, size, weight and cost all play a huge factor in deciding on a new set of wheels and tires. One thing to keep in mind thou while looking and shopping, anything you can do to remove rotational mass is a benefit in overall performance. It has been reported that for every 1 lb. of rotating mass that can be eliminated is equal to approximately 4 – 10 lbs. of stationary mass. Old rule of thumb is for every 100 lbs in weight reduction is equal to 0.1 in the mile. With some many combinations to choose from it would be impossible to list anything on this thread. Next best thing is to point to this thread and let your dreams begin.

Custom wheels thread…

Recommended tire sizes…


Raise the bar on your ride comfort or drop down into a thoroughbred racing stance with a selection of suspension systems. From lowering kits to anti-sway bars, all to help one capture checkered flags or just make it through the morning commute. Listed below are some of the companies who make suspension items for the Camaro. Below the companies is a list of the items some of them offer.








Differential Mounts

Front Radius Rod Bush

Lowering Springs

Suspension kits (lowering springs and sway bars)

Rear Sub Frame Insert

Rear Tie Rod

Rear Trailing Arm

Steering Rack / Pinion Mount

Sway Bar

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