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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I know for sure that is not true of forced induction cars. I realize the OP is not talking about that, but I think it's important to point that out. A catch can is relatively inexpensive and is especially important for FI cars.

To the OP: I don't see headers and drop springs/sway bars on your list. I highly recommend those. (Along with a dyno tune!)
ya like i said most people are not really going to need it. plus most have a 100k/5 year warranty. most people do not void there warranty BTW for ANY car. i personally think people over react with the cans. i mean you really think GM would make a engine with that big of a problem? think about how many people bought a camaro and how many are not adding catch cans and how people people are not going to have any problems lol. because that would be a bad engine if people are having excess oil screwing there engines up. plus who here is really going to drive there camaros past 120k miles ?

but yes FI is different story.
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