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Originally Posted by Xmicro_SS View Post
The key to keeping a car from getting swirl marks............DON"T OVER WASH IT!!!! If the car is garaged and is not an everyday car, this is a possibility. If it is an everyday car that is not a reality. I have my Sky Redline for just over 2 years, It is garage kept and covered. I have 11,000 Miles and it has been washed only 6 times!! I generally clean off dust with a super soft Microfibre and a good detail spray. It has only seen rain twice and NEVER seen salt.

I love when people say "I wash my car once a week, it should look great" Not true. More Rubbing, more microscopic scratches....period!

Things that people do not realize that effect their finish:

- Being left out in the Sun (Especially Black) Breaks down the clearcoat over time
- Over Washing

- Using a crappy Microfibre cloth (If it grabs your skin, it is NO GOOD FOR YOUR CAR)
- Not properly rinsing the car before you drop a soapy towel or mit on it!
- Do you have hard water coming out of your spigot??? Lots of minerals does a job on the paint
- Car washes recycle the water ---WORST THING EVER
- Not using proper Product. You DO NOT want a product with polish in it to use EVERY TIME you do your car! Polishes should only be done a couple times a year
- Old Paste wax crystalizes and can cause micro scratches, Buy new every year, or stay with liquid.

I personally use Adam's Products. You cannot beat their cloths for scratch prevention. The VRT works amazing on interior plastics!

If you are anal stay away from black or ANY dark color for that matter.

makes perfect sence, so what do you use to wash with? microfiber rag,
mitt, or a 100% cotton towel, sponge, etc?
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