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Fake Ferrari Testarosa

So, I realize this is way off topic, but it did happen at our Chevy dealership and I thought everyone would get a kick out of this.

This guy calls in and tells us he wants to sell us his 1989 Ferrari Testarosa. We tell him to come in. He brings in this (pic below). I start freaking out - telling everyone it's got to be a Corvette. There's no way it's a Ferrari. So I send out a sales person to get info on the car and the VIN. I'm quickly looking up images of a 1989 Testarosa to reassure myself I am not wrong.

So the GM comes up and I'm pointing at this Corvette/Ferrari and even he immediately says "That's a Corvette! We go outside and the GM kindly says "Sir, that's a 1985 Corvette." The guy says "Absolutely not!". So the GM points at the interior and says "Sir, that's a Corvette interior.". So the guy starts pulling out all this paperwork that says it's a Ferrari, etc...

Well, turns out this guy was duped on Ebay and the car was sold as a 1989 Ferrari. This guy was completely lied to. He was told that the car was made together by both Ferrari and Corvette and is an official 1989 Ferrari. It actually is sad that he was duped out of his money by some shmuck on Ebay, but how do you not at least do your due diligence and look into a car you buy for over $100K on Ebay?
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