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Originally Posted by Kyle2k View Post
How hard is it to set up that liquid cooling system? I am kind of afraid to dive right into that considering I'm going to be building my first computer this summer (Everything so far has been just swapping cards/etc).
Thats kind of a complex question to answer. I guess i can answer it in two parts.

1. As for physical setup of the watercooling loop, it all depends on the case really! and the size of radiator you intend to use. If you pick a case that has been built to accommodate a watercooling rad (obviously mine hasn't, due to the then mounting it up should be pretty easy. You can get reservoirs that mount in a drive bay, and if there is room, just mount the pump to the bottom of the case.

2. Usually i would recommend that people get a little bit of experience building computers with custom air cooling stuff, so that they can get some experience mounting coolers that use backplates, using thermal paste, removing graphics card heatsinks. A large portion of the time the majority of people who ask me about water cooling are quite satisfied with a high quality air cooler which is very silent and still gives great cooling performance.

I guess it comes down to this, if you think you have experience enough to build the computer properly and you have a good set of tools and the experience to use them, then watercooling is not out of your reach if you want that "bling" factor. Do keep in mind that water cooling is not cheap by any means and much research should be done to ensure that you have picked a case and a set of components that fits your needs.
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