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Don't worry, Milk. We'll keep you posted.
- Xanthos

P.S. - Here's another supercharger kit that should fit with a little finagling.

P.P.S. - And for those of you worrying about the CR and boost, here's a note from a guy who worked on their development.

Can't answer you question directly but I was working at Holden on the Alloytec when they were released and from what I've seen of them (personally stripped in excess of 500 and repaired/ rectified mistakes) there wouldn't be much to improve upon.

IMO they are exceptionally well designed and highly over engineered and deserve the branding from GM of HFV6. They are.

The heads are begging for forced induction is all I can say. The stock heads resmble that of a worked Ecotec head, they are that tidy at cast.

If you really want to get around it's biggest restriction I would be looking at bypassing the electronic TB and getting a cable on it and port matching the intake mouth to match a larger TB. It might take advantage of the 175 not having variable volume intake as well by just maxxing it out straight up.

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