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Originally Posted by bob2the2nd View Post
okay still a little confusion on the "exterior/interior lighting" section.

there is obviously a turn wheel for all of these different lights but how does it know if you want to control the headlights, parking lights, or the DRLs? is the button just an on/off switch and the wheel turns to which function you want to access?
bob, we have the exact same control on our Enclave. So in auto, the lights will turn on and off automatically. If the headlights are off, then the DRLs are on automatically. You push the button in to turn on the foglights (and you must do it every time you want them on. They turn off when you turn the car off). If you push the button when the DRLs are on, it will turn the foglights on along with the parking lights. I think it might keep the DRLs on in the Enclave also, but not 100% sure. If you turn the wheel to the left, it will turn the automatic lights off. I am not 100% sure if the DRLs shut off at this time, but I think they do. If you turn the knob to the right one click, the parking lights come on. One more click and the headlights come on in any situation. Does this help? I can go out to the Enclave and mess around if you want some more answers, but again that's on the Enclave and I am only assuming that it is the same as the Camaro.
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