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Originally Posted by Amelia98 View Post
So went for a visit to the dealership today and took out a vette with the racing package (not the V06) for a test drive to celebrate and get a feel for what a sportscar is like. Of course we do this at 3:30 on a Friday and I 83 is moving, but really crowded. I took her on a few twisties, but once again so crowded I could only get a small taste of the engine. WOW. The digital speedometer mirrored in the lower part of the windshield blew me away. It read the f'ing G's!!!!!!

The GM called me this morning and told me my Camaro was "in transit". That's why I wanted to pay a visit. I thought that "in transit" meant it was on a truck, train, boat, cloud, covered wagon, plane, submarine, or wings of an angel. Nope "in transit" would be in reference to an event code of 4000 or available to ship. When I walked into the showroom it was completely cleared of vehicles and the first thing that popped into my head is that they were making way for a Camaro shipment. Nope just getting the floors cleaned. My second thought was the recession was finally over and they sold all of the cars.

Boys. I think I have a problem. I have become completely obsessed and it is making me crazy. I think the car will be on the lot by the 17th at the latest.
Dam, I got off of work at 3:30 and was gonna head up to Fox but had to take a trip out to Frederick Harley to pick up some goodies.You better watch out driving those Vettes- they can spoil you!! I had a 25th Anniv.[78] model for about 7 years- it was a blast.

Keep us informed about your delivery. I'll be heading up to the dealer as soon as your car comes in to check it out.
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