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Driveshaft bearing gone bad .......

Ok folks. I'm going to do something out of the ordinary and post up another broke piece of my car.

So my noise turned out to be the drive shaft holder bearing/carrier bearing/cradle bearing/hanger bearing whatever you want to call it. it's going out and the clunk noise is from the play in the driveshaft.

So I will send the assembly to have a new bearing pressed on.

The shop tells me that all my extra power has little to do with the bearing going out but the extreme drop on my car has the shaft too angled. He says the angle is meant for acceleration flex and not constant bend. He says I should shim the motor mounts to straighten the line up.

My question is this ........
Has anyone else had any problems in this area on a stock lineback?

I know I've seen it before, but this U Joint looks pretty stout and solid and I can see where it could put pressure on the hanger as it turns but I don't know if I want to angle the engine. It already lays back a bit anyway.

What are your thoughts.

I did find the other thread, but it's been another year since then and the cars have had more time to break.
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