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Originally Posted by DietCoke View Post
The diff/engine are stationary. You could sit the frame on the ground and the ds angle would not change. Find a shop with a clue
In fairness, he only had the car on a drive on lift. So he may not know that. You have to remember, good shops in this area are hard to find. It's easy to say 'Find a shop with a clue' than to actually know wether a shop has a clue or not.

Either way, something caused my bearing to fail. And that was the best theory I had heard so far. I'm not a chasis/frame/body expert but I know it's possible. Maybe not on this car, but on some.

Can you explain why it wouldn't change the angle on our cars? I'm not sure how the driveshaft is supposed to sit but it is certainly angled right now.
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