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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Well, I know the cradle seperates from the rest. And the diff is on the cradle. So I am unsure about the whole thing. I understand that it's all bolted together. But I know that raising and lowering on some other cars and trucks can cause a driveshaft angle. But I'm guessing that this is what they mean by unibody?
No, it has to do with the "rear axle". On live axle (solid) cars (most rear drives are this), movement of the axle up and down (raising/lowering a car) will change the angle of the driveshaft. That is why there is a "slip fit" at the trans end to allow for movement as the angle changes.

On our cars (IRS) ALL the vertical movement is taken up by the half-shafts with the diff being "solidly" (somewhat) mounted to the car (via the subframe). The driveshaft angle doesn't change to the degree your tech thinks it does (a little bit is designed in to handle the flex of the motor/trans mounts). Capiche?
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