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Moving right along... ABL

Originally wanted to do this from the minute I got my car, but kept putting it off or whatever reason. I finally took the plunge.

First off- I got the majority of what I needed from Ofer- great guy!

(2) Light tubes-

(3) LED's-

(1) harness

Total- $135

I also bought a trim removal tool from Auto Zone ($10) and 1/4" plastic tubing from Home Depot and 1/4" weahter stripping- $5

Following the DIY's in this forum, disassembly was a snap! I started the mod with the Drivers side (the worst of the 2)- I had a lot of issues with getting hte placement correct- there's a big gap between the trim and the dash- just no getting around it. tried everything, sanded the trin, sanded the back side of the tube, etc... it's there. You either deal with the gap, or scrap the project.

Passenger side was marginally easier. Only real issue was gettin git even across. You'll notice in the pix that the LED's light up 10X's brighter than the tube... I put matte scotch tape and scuffed the tube with sandpaper trying to dim it- still can't overcome that one.

I also extended the door ABL all the way up- which entailed removing the door panel and sanding the trim in front of the ABL. I actually broke the light tube in the door, really sucks, but with a little TLC, I got it back together, and unless you know what your looking for, it's un noticeable.

Overall, it's a cool effect, not sure I'm 100% sold on it, cuz' it just doesn't look "factory"... I'm very meticulous about my car, so that bothers me... But it is a cool effect. Some of the full-dark pix I did last night look very similar to the concept car. The final pix from today aren't great because of the lighting and the camera freaking out without a flash...
There's some "unlit" pix to show the tube during the day- please note these are the absolute WORST angles I could capture (intentionally) to illustrate a "worst case scenerio"...

Final few are the completed project...but enough typing, here's the pix:

(Last 2 were added recently after re-doing the driver side and adding the sport bar)
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