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Originally Posted by Z284ever View Post
I grew up with Z/28 verbage like that. Consider me completely assimilated.
And I as well...
Z/28 was the badass car with mystique. Camaro SS? That was your friend's mom's daily driver.
Back in the day SS's were were more than Mom's car, but as for the Z-28 badging is concerned, well that calling card carried a do or die attitude.
Sure hope GM can find that special magic again....
True that my friend...
Originally Posted by eaton121 View Post
Drivers must know who to mess up with the stop light. They know they wouldn't win with a Z.
Way back when, for the most part, the guys who were running one had their _hit together..they "got it", as in it was understood of their place in the street heirarchy. They were "hopped up". Sorry, we didn't say modded.

Originally Posted by 2Pacer View Post
Okay here it is. When was the last time GM built a car worthy of the Z/28 badge. I have a 67 and it is a great car. Owned a 2001 not any different than an SS. Is it all about the badge? If the Z/28 does come back I hope it is a special car worthy of its badge.
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Originally Posted by MY1STCAMAR0 View Post
"Putting you first, keeps us first" they need to bring that back.
Truer words have never been spoken.
Originally Posted by SamHouseIII View Post
The 2SS/RS is a pretty mean dog, but the Z28 should be a pretty mean BEAST!
Agreed, and it can be produced so much more above the formidable 2SS. It GM wants it, so it will be done. They have all the hardware laying around to do it without alot of trouble.
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