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Originally Posted by chevy 3 View Post
C5 is to be a friendly nation. And sorry if my post seams rude. It's hard to discuss topics and others take what your typing as if your mad or ?????? .not sher if your a dad or not but if your child who you take to shows and what not wants to be dif. This is something I do with my daughter and keeps her and me working together. Childish maybe but I'm respectful of others also. I can tell your not into theme cars and that's cool (but it don't mean we cant have a beer and be friends). There is more with my car than just a decepticon theme like very cool body kit a drop spring kit and havok spoiler and abl. Hell it's a Camaro under all that. what's not to like!!
I'm all into theme cars but at the same time I believe there can be times where it gets too extreme, if you understand my meaning. There is a reason Bumblebee and only Bumblebee is a Camaro, I mean how many people were pissed about the GT500 King of the Road that they used to portray K.I.T.T. in the, excuse my language, basterdized version of Knight Rider? I love the Old Theme cars and to me if everyone is making their Camaro a damn decepticon or an autobot it kinda gets on my nerves. In the end do what you want and it's sweet if your daughter gave you the idea and will work on the car with you because of it.

I should hope I don't have any kids I'm 19 also if your ever in Edmonton, AB then for sure there is no reason we couldn't talk about Cars over a beer or whatever your poison may be

Forums can be hard, because everyone takes what people say the way they feel it should be, which is almost always negitively. I will however say that the first bit in my first post was intended to be rude. I don't go around dissing cars that I know will send my Camaro fleeing, but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. My next car which I'm hoping to purchase this spring will be a Red GT500 with Carbon Fibre Stripes and a Glass Roof, it may be slower than the ZL1 but I already have a Camaro and I have no desire to loose money trading my SS or spend $80,000 on a Camaro. Stupid dealer mark up, a base Vette up here is $100,000 in some places.
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