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Arrow [COTW 10/3/11]: My Texas Speed E85 429ci & 4L80E swap

This thread will be updated as I have new information or parts pertaining to the build to announce or show, as well as being fully documented in pictures.

The goal is to run a 10.XX n/a, and to have the fastest n/a 5th gen. The car is currently down to just under 3600 pounds (yes, I've done a LOT of reduction) but still retains a full interior including backseats. I expect to add 50 or so back with a bar, but it is substantially lighter then your avg 5th gen.

Component List from Texas Speed & Performance, expected build time: 3 weeks.

Nothing too exotic or special in the bottom end, just basic forged components, but note the +3cc pistons. Going to couple these with a 64cc head for roughly 13.5:1 static compression, should be a blast on E85.

The extra compression is obviously a free horsepower/torque bump, but should really make the car sound plain nasty. Once I get the super secret squirrel LS7 heads back from TSP I'll post some pics and flow numbers, and then it's time to spec out a camshaft. (Something monstrous, 25x/26x .650+ lift)

For a transmission the TR6060 is out. As much as I enjoyed having the manual, it really is counterproductive to putting down a number with any sort of consistancy at the race track, and was becoming more of a bear to drive the faster my car was getting. To remedy that, am swapping in a Jake's Performance 4L80e transmission, with Andy @ ADM's trick crossmember addition to mount it. Sourcing a billet stall from Circle D (4200-4600 planned) and a large trans cooler to finish off the transmission package.

DSS will be making the stock rear --> 4L80 driveshaft. I believe I can keep a stock rear alive at this power level with an auto car, especially with the weight reduction that is in place. I have DSS/Hendrix Level 5 axles, and may eventually do the Janetty Caps/Billet Support cover for the diff, but for now I'm not too worried about it breaking.

Lastly, and most importantly, the intake setup. While a fast 102 seems like the obvious choice, I'm anxious to get my hands on a Holley pro-flo 102mm high rise for this motor. It should make significant power over a fast on something with this many cubic inches, and will be the last part I buy, as it's still extremely hard to get your hands on one of these. Figuring on 65 lb/hr injectors, but will upsize if the motor deems it necessary

Expecting at least 580 rwhp N/A out of the 429 through the auto, any more then that is just icing on the cake. Who needs a blower

Pictures to come as parts start rolling in I hope to have this project finished by the end of winter/opening of race season next year.
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