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Got this from another thread... I think it's for someone in Canada but at least one got made!!!

"Below are the Canadian Camaro VINs I've found so far searching #'s 1 to 1700. [It looks like 1432, 1499 and 1568 are really US cars]

I've searched:
- 2SS Manual (count 33)
- 2SS Auto (count 14)
- 1SS Manual (count 3)
- 1SS Auto (count 4)
- 2LT Manual (count 0)
- 2LT Auto (count 10)
- 1LT Manual (count 8)

I still need to search 1LT Auto and 1LS Manual & Auto.

I'll probably add these to my spreadsheet later in the week along with more details.

2G1FT1EW1A9100063, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW7A9100178, 2SS Manual, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FT1EW0A9100281, 2SS Manual, Rally Yellow
2G1FT1EWXA9100336, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW7A9100343, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW9A9100375, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW0A9100443, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW2A9100458, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW6A9100558, 2SS Manual, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FT1EW6A9100561, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW4A9100574, 2SS Manual, Rally Yellow
2G1FT1EW8A9100688, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW1A9100709, 2SS Manual, Victory Red
2G1FT1EW4A9100817, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW8A9100822, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW4A9100915, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW6A9100964, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW4A9101031, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW0A9101043, 2SS Manual, Victory Red
2G1FT1EW2A9101044, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW6A9101080, 2SS Manual, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FT1EWXA9101213, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW1A9101231, 2SS Manual, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FT1EW5A9101247, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW1A9101262, 2SS Manual, Rally Yellow
2G1FT1EW9A9101297, 2SS Manual, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FT1EW8A9101307, 2SS Manual, Inferno Orange Metallic
2G1FT1EW7A9101329, 2SS Manual, Red Jewel Tintcoat
2G1FT1EW3A9101456, 2SS Manual, Black
2G1FT1EW5A9101474, 2SS Manual, Rally Yellow
2G1FT1EW3A9101487, 2SS Manual, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FT1EW5A9101538, 2SS Manual, Rally Yellow
2G1FT1EW1A9101584, 2SS Manual, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FK1EJ1A9100054, 2SS Automatic, Rally Yellow
2G1FK1EJ1A9100541, 2SS Automatic, Red Jewel Tintcoat
2G1FK1EJ9A9100979, 2SS Automatic, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FK1EJ5A9101028, 2SS Automatic, Black
2G1FK1EJ2A9101035, 2SS Automatic, Victory Red
2G1FK1EJ3A9101061, 2SS Automatic, Black
2G1FK1EJ6A9101183, 2SS Automatic, Black
2G1FK1EJXA9101218, 2SS Automatic, Red Jewel Tintcoat
2G1FK1EJ8A9101315, 2SS Automatic, Black
2G1FK1EJ9A9101324, 2SS Automatic, Black
2G1FK1EJ1A9101351, 2SS Automatic, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FK1EJ7A9101404, 2SS Automatic, Rally Yellow
2G1FK1EJ9A9101467, 2SS Automatic, Rally Yellow
2G1FK1EJ4A9101571, 2SS Automatic, Black
2G1FS1EW6A9101499, 1SS Manual, Red Jewel Tintcoat
2G1FS1EW8A9101505, 1SS Manual, Rally Yellow
2G1FS1EWXA9101568, 1SS Manual, Victory Red
2G1FJ1EJ9A9100080, 1SS Automatic, Black
2G1FJ1EJ1A9100350, 1SS Automatic, Black
2G1FJ1EJ7A9100966, 1SS Automatic, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FJ1EJ8A9101432, 1SS Automatic, Black
2G1FC1EV1A9100278, 2LT Automatic, Red Jewel Tintcoat
2G1FC1EV3A9100461, 2LT Automatic, Aqua Blue Metallic
2G1FC1EV6A9100602, 2LT Automatic, Rally Yellow
2G1FC1EV3A9100721, 2LT Automatic, Red Jewel Tintcoat
2G1FC1EV4A9100842, 2LT Automatic, Rally Yellow
2G1FC1EV2A9100936, 2LT Automatic, Black
2G1FC1EV1A9101088, 2LT Automatic, Victory Red
2G1FC1EV7A9101094, 2LT Automatic, Victory Red
2G1FC1EVXA9101185, 2LT Automatic, Red Jewel Tintcoat
2G1FC1EV5A9101353, 2LT Automatic, Rally Yellow
2G1FB1EV6A9100280, 1LT Automatic, Victory Red
2G1FB1EV1A9100655, 1LT Automatic, Imperial Blue Metallic
2G1FB1EV1A9100753, 1LT Automatic, Imperial Blue Metallic
2G1FB1EV9A9100855, 1LT Automatic, Silver Ice Metallic
2G1FB1EV5A9101064, 1LT Automatic, Victory Red
2G1FB1EVXA9101075, 1LT Automatic, Black
2G1FB1EV2A9101121, 1LT Automatic, Rally Yellow
2G1FB1EV1A9101143, 1LT Automatic, Victory Red"
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