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Originally Posted by Edrock View Post
I'm not pleased with the discoloration of the paint where the body transitions from where the bumper cover meets the front fender. That stands out like a sore thumb! I can't hardly believe there is that much difference at that seam. It looks as if the front end had been wrecked and a body shop did the best they could to match the paint and couldn't quite get it right. It is noticeable in every shot from every angle...even in the pic where the Cam has been rained on. Your eyes go right to it. I hope this has been noticed and resolved at the factory.

EDIT: Oh...guess I should have finished reading the thread. At least I'm not the only one that noticed it.
The car posted in these pics should not and likely would not make it through quality control. In usual paint color systems the base coatings used on different materials are varied to allow the top coats to show the same final. This Camaro is not a production car (is it?) and may have been let go for expediency for a show or something although I would think GM wouldn’t want the public perception to be tarnished. What you see happens but it does not make it through final check. There is a shade difference allowed between panels but apparently it is so barely visible you can’t see it by the naked eye! One of the base coats thickness is likely out of spec.

Don't be afraid to buy the RJT, this anomaly won't happen to our production Camaro. You know if this made it to your dealer you would get a paint job to correct it but you do not want the GM dealer’s body shop finish. With the priority GM is placing on this car , trust me, GM would rectify to your satisfaction.
I have ordered ABM and seriously considering RJT even with this faux pas. I wish there was a GM paint dept person to speak up on this cause this is a gorgeous color that needs to come out. But then again......if less buy it cause of this the showing, the more "Rare”! My car will be if I get it RJT!!
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