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De-catting your exhaust!

Hey guys, I need some help. Is decatting an exhaust system the same as straight pipes?

Secondly, if it isn't, then what is it, or rather how can i do it? Cuz i have Kooks long tube headers and corsa sports cat-backs with X-pipe installed. So what is it that i have to remove from that arrangement to have my car decatted. Thing is lately I've been hearing these C63 AMGs on the roads and they sound HOT!!

They simply say they got their cars decatted. I then went on to youtube and checked out some videos of decatted cars and they sound amazing...but the sad part is that i don't know how to go about this "decatting" cuz i dont even know what it is!!

So I turn to you educated and well informed grease monkeys to teach and guide me!! ;-)
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