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So when they start producing orange and the blues are they going to stop making the black, yellow, silver and reds so that the production can match up? If so, its going to push back the TPWs that those customers are getting now. If they don't stop producing the existing colors and dedicate the line to the neglected colors it will be quite a delay in filling the orders for the orange and blue cars.
Theres that black cloud over me again...damn...
Almost had a 2SS/RS, IOM, orange accent interior, 6 speed manual, sunroof & polished wheels

ordered 01/19/07
3000 - 2/27/09
3400 - 3/27/09
3800 - 4/17/09 (built and lost in the vortex)
ship date ??????? (I gave up and got a GT500)
5/11/09 - order cancelled
5/27/09 - vehicle arrived at dealership for whoever bought it after me
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