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Originally Posted by UCF w00t View Post
This seems plausible. Maybe the fascias are manufactured at a different facility and painted and then shipped. This may shed some light into why the original no blue on SS thing. Maybe the v6 fascia is built at a separate plant from the SS fascia and the SS plant couldn't do as many colors as the other one so they decided to ditch the blues? But then when they saw the demand they had to figure out a different solution. The SS fascia plant could still be working on getting those other colors going. But if this was the case, why not put a constraint on blues? It's not like they are afraid of putting a constraint on even the post popular of colors so the conspiracies don't really make much sense.

They can paint 10 colors at once. They don't change the colors very often at all. Hence the delay on CGM and white.

As ridiculous as it may seem, I think this just might be the case. I haven't heard of any US Camaros that got pulled in week 1 that were blue. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Those colors aren't really traditional muscle car colors (hence GM not even offering them at first) and people that ordered #1 at their dealer are most likely to be the very traditional type people who are big Camaro fans.
They are waiting for Blue SS fascia's from the supplier...They are manufactured and painted by a supplier. just stating what I have been told.
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