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Originally Posted by camaro_corvette View Post
Nobody ordered them
Ouch Doubtful though. Lots of members at this site ordered IOM. Must be that the spreadsheet we are seeing is not perfect since Dylan says they are being made. My order got pulled for production 2-27 and I still have no TPW from the dealer.
Lets hope that lots of us get surprised. Its great that we have people from the plant here on the site to help us out.
Almost had a 2SS/RS, IOM, orange accent interior, 6 speed manual, sunroof & polished wheels

ordered 01/19/07
3000 - 2/27/09
3400 - 3/27/09
3800 - 4/17/09 (built and lost in the vortex)
ship date ??????? (I gave up and got a GT500)
5/11/09 - order cancelled
5/27/09 - vehicle arrived at dealership for whoever bought it after me
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