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Originally Posted by hv92 View Post
Interesting. One thing is for sure though, it's gonna RAPE the gt500.
The GT500 has a weight of about 3800 without a person in it, the ZL1 is expected to have a weight of at least 4K if not more. I have a feeling the ZL1 will rape the GT500 in the same way a 5.0 Mustang rapes the SS. I give a slight advantage to the Auto ZL1 just because most people that drive manuals (9/10) can't launch to save their lives. Once again only speculation the fact that a Camaro SS can even beat a 5.0 in a drivers race is beyond spectacular.

That being said I have no doubt in my mind that this will be a great car, a GT500 is my next car though. Want something new and the Camaro needs a brother.

Originally Posted by hv92 View Post
So pretty much... New intake, tune, and a new pulley will push it up to...650 horsepower???
If it's anything like the GT500 or the CTS-V (which it will be) then yeah it will be easy to bump up the horsepower
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