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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
Can you run your engine for a week and a half (straight) at wide open throttle without failure? Because the LSA can. Does your engine have a 5 yr, 100k mile power train warranty? The LSA has one. Does your engine meet factory emissions standards in every state? The LSA does.

GM has far more to think about than just adding more power.
Nor does it have magnetic suspension w/ what? Five settings? Has his tranny, diff, driveshaft been upgraded? We can go on and on...

I guess if you feel better that you have more HP and spent less, more power to you. But you really need to be honest w/ yourself on exactly how much you really spent to get that HP and what else you've sacrificed to get there. Warranty, reliability, etc.

Back on topic. This is some great news and numbers.
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