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LOL at most people here.
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Originally Posted by import_killa View Post
No one runs any engine "wide open" for any extended period of time
Don't need to pass emissions in "every" state only need to pass in one

Don't get it confused I love the car I just think they could have done more with similar mods and gotten more power out of it
Your stuck too much on just the power numbers, great and yes you can make more by modding your current engine. But what you are failing to see is that this car is getting parts that's shared with a 68,000(CTS-V) and 120,000(ZR-1). I mean those parts along are going to run you and with these things coming standard on this car for well in the 50-60 grand range, I can tell you 100% sure that this car will put down its power alot better then what you are making and probably will run faster. What good is a bunch of power without the correct parts to put it down. So yeah keep upgrading your engine but this car is track ready and drag ready right out the box. Just adding power to your current car still doesn't make it track ready, so in the end you still spend more then just buying a underpowered ZL1.
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