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I apologise for being so quiet lately. I have been reading tea leaves and connecting the dots. The release of the ZL1 power numbers provide a couple of key dots. Chevrolet found quite a bit of power in that 'off the shelf' LSA....

I speak with quite a few GM 'insiders' at this time of year for various SEMA projects. I have been trying to read between the lines of all these conversations. I failed to identify a single solid clue to the existence of a LS7 Camaro program from anyone at GM

Here is the good news. My anonymous sources at Ford and Chrysler insist there is a LS7 Camaro development program that is probably a Z/28

Before we get too excited, I was watching a WW II history program this week. Before the Normandy invasion the Allies built an army out of inflatable tanks, trucks and planes. With that caveat allow me to connect a few more dots.

The ZL1 'borrows' off the shelf bits from the Vette and discontinued CTS-V track pack for various coolers. All of that is now available for a LS7 Z/28 project if Chevrolet chooses to use it

Corvette sales have been soft. The new C7 is at least two years out. It would only make sense to continue the current direction of the Vette i.e. the Z06 Carbon kit with an 'enhanced' LS7. That enhanced (read as more HP and more TQ) LS7 would be prefect for the Z/28

Without any confirmation of any kind from inside GM, I couldn't even get one of those 'I think I saw a flash of a smile' moments as a soft confirmation so I am connecting dots from GM press releases, past GM SEMA projects, ZL1 details, Vette details and counter intelligence from Ford and Chrysler to come to a conclusion.

Add in the mystery hood on the ZL1 camo car posted here... Ford and Chrysler guys calling it a done deal.... extra power in the LSA.... available coolers off the shelf from the Camaro parts bin... a few tea leaves in the bottom of my morning cupper and we have a .....
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