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Originally Posted by dobbins67326 View Post
sry guys haven't been up here in FOREVER but i still need some questions answered.

i would love nothing more than to have a V8 6spd BUT

-im 17 still living with my parents
-insurance would skyrocket
-my 99 v6 looks and runs great

sooo. my dad has all the abilities to do the swap he said we could do it in a weekend but what parts do i need and where do i find them? (besides the obvious transmission)

the main reasons i want a stick is because i love driving them and driving a stick for a year would giving me plenty of experience before owning a 2010/2011 SS in a year or two
Insurance won't go up that much, maybe $5-$10 dollars a month on something that old if at all. I bought my '97 Z28 when I was 19 and only paid $30 a month insurance for liability.

I would seriously sell the car for $4-$5k and take the $2-$3k you would spend on the swap and buy a nice '98-'99 SS, Z28, or Transam since you're really want one of those.
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