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Originally Posted by hftech View Post
It's like a newborn...she's beautiful!!
Not all newborns are beautiful! TRUST me!!!

Originally Posted by stovt001 View Post
Why is having the gas cap on the passenger side such a problem? It works fine on my Cobalt. Just wondering...
I just consider it more inconvenient for the gas cap to be on the passenger side... If you think about it, you aren't going to jump out of the passenger side to start pumping your gas! Why do ANY cars have a passenger side gas cap???

My vote goes for driver's side, on top of the finder. Woot woot! :party0048:

Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
Im surprised this one hasnt made an appearance here yet.. a higher resolution version of the actual GM pic..

V-E-N-T-S VENTS VENTS VENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, it's the Kentucky Wildcat fan in me comin' out!

Originally Posted by Brent87LT1 View Post
That's not really a determining factor as the later model f-bods had duals on V-6s
I have a 2001 V6 with single exhaust...

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