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Finally got my car dyno'd again after the long-tubes and cat-back were installed.

First is the baseline numbers from October of last year when my camaro was bone stock running 87 octane:

Date: 10/16/2010
Shop: A.R.D.
Dyno: Dynojet (Can't remember which model number it is but I do know it has a history of low readings)
Gear Pulled In: 4th

Pressure: 30.28 in-Hg
Humidity: 23%
Temperature: 89 *F
STD: 1.01

Peak RW Horsepower: 219.73 hp
Peak RW Torque: 197.35 ft-lb

Now with my upgrades this year:

Upgrades: Cold Air Inductions,Inc. Cold Air Intake
VMax Motorsports CNC Ported Throttle Body
ADM Air Scoop
Roto-fab Window Washer Bottle Kit (to get the stock one of the way of the CAI)
Stainless Works Silver Ceramic Coated 1-5/8" Stainless Steel Long-tube Exhaust Headers with High-Flow Cats
Solo Mach X-LLT Cat-back Exhaust with J-pipes
Trifecta Engine and Transmission Tune
93 Octane Fuel

Date: 9/17/2011
Shop: A.R.D.
Dyno: Same one as before
Gear Pulled In: 4th

Pressure: 30.24 in-Hg
Humidity: 39%
Temperature: 89.63 *F
STD: 1.02

Peak RW Horsepower: 249.28 hp
Peak RW Torque: 242.92 ft-lb

Not as much horsepower as I was hoping for, but compared to the stock numbers it is a good increase. The increase is about 30 hp and 45 ft-lb of torque at the rear wheels. Not sure exactly how to figure out what I'm making at the crank, but since my transmission and drivetrain is still stock as before, then if I take into account what the SAE rating is at the crank, then the efficiency of the driveline is 70.5% for horsepower and 71.22% for torque. Dividing my new numbers at the wheels by that, I should be getting about 353.2 hp and 341.3 ft-lb at the crank. Someone can correct me if I'm off on that.

The next thing I'm going to look at doing on this car is upgrading the torque converter and swapping out the open differential for a limited-slip and 3.73 gears before considering nitrous. I'll be able to get 1/4 mile times at the Texas Camaro Nationals in Sealy,Tx that's coming up in 2 weeks.
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