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Scott told me and at least one other person at the Frederick fairgrounds
camaro show that the Black rims would be standard. He also hinted as to
the reason why it was chosen, which is that they are less expensive to
manufacture. If your think about it you choose the less exp rim as the
standard rim to keep the price down and compete as much as possible
with the mustang's MSRP. I also thought he hinted (but could be wronge)
that the wieghts of the two rims were very close. Which if you think
about would keep the specs closer togather for testing and production
of the ZL1
Which also means if I go with the polished rims its going to possible cost
me an extra 2K or 3k. I'm trying to figure out the color I want as far as the paint, and from that decision make my rim choice. I find depending on
the color of the paint I like one rim over the other. Oredring date is not
to far from now after waiting since hearing the ZL1's introduction earlier
this year.
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