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Originally Posted by ducatisl View Post
Guess I'm a little curious as to how their lobes compare to XFI, XER, LSK, EPS, etc, etc, profiles.
Well, I cannot let the cat out of the bag as far as their technology and engineering is concerned, but I'm sure if you contacted them they would shed more light. It has a lot to do with valve events, and the ramp rate...

We've degreed many cams from several companies, and they're not always spot on what they should be, or opening and closing of the valve is not as advertised.

Kelfords are always spot on, and their ramp rates are agressive, but do not beat the hell out of the valvetrain - like the best of both worlds.

Originally Posted by ducatisl View Post
Two things: F/I cam and 3.91 gears. Contemplating another cam since I'm likely to stay N/A for awhile. But 460-470 "corrected" rwhp off a Dynojet is about right for stock geared cam/exhaust LS3. I suppose if I did a LG G6X3 cam I'd be at the 500 level, but I'm not sure if I could live with it since I DD the car. I'm kinda searching for a more valvetrain friendly, but longer duration cam.
Give us a call or PM me. I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Originally Posted by fldrummer View Post
You seem to know what you're looking for. While I'm staying N/A, these guys seemed to pick the perfect cam for my needs & they didn't pull any fast moves to try to steer me in a different direction. In fact, the cam they spec'd for me isn't even popular in the Camaro community (yet), but popular w/ the corvette guys & perfect for me. All I can say is do your research (which you're obviously doing) & ask around for several opinions. I highly recommend Lashway, but I have nothing against the other shops that sponsor this group either. It all comes down to who you feel most comfortable with (conveniance helps too, but that is a secondary factor at best, of course).
Thanks John, we appreciate the business and are glad you like your newfound power.
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