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Originally Posted by edog View Post
I hear this years was off the hook with many extra attractions. I look forward to seeing what year three brings. I can't imagine missing this one. Now, hopefully I can drop my CAM in before the fest.

I know some from NC will cruise up to ride with us. Lori (Caniacfan) has signed up so far. Others will sign up as well. I have sent a text to everyone who rode the first time. Hopefully we can meet up with them again during the trip.

Talked with CamaroSpike's group. They are going to cut through the NC/VA pass at the bottom. It saves them time and distance. We will hook up with their crew at C5Fest to mingle...
E, when I went to LSX shootout last year, I left from VA Beach and ran 64 across and through Charleston. If you kept your route low and went through L'ville and Lexington, we could either meet Camaro Spikes group (and several others), or we could meet in Charleston and take 35 on a more direct route.

Talked to Steve and his crew with Camaro South-Fayetteville, and it is just too early for them to committ; they have stuff almost everymonth these days. But the chapter in Jacksonville has started to respond; so at a minimum, we could pick up Lori and any others around there, and jump up to WV to meet you all on the road.

I'm betting lots of this will fall into place over the next....10 months!!
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