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Originally Posted by MY68RS View Post

I think we need three support groups.
One for pre -ZL1 (right now) a group for when we actually get the car and a group for post ZL1 issues.
Maybe we can get Scott to be the Group leader?
He helped see to it that we all have these types of "issues."
Remember this is a non curable disease or illness..'re right 68RS, and since Chevy caused us all thiis psychological stress I think it would be nice if they offered the three of us the ZL1 for cost, doncha think?....I mean...just sayin'......LOL
Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
Yes, I want my ZL1. I need something to distract me until I take delivery.

I feel like the kid in the old Maypo commercials. too Bear...I wan't my ZL1, I wan't my ZL1.., have we reached the annoyance level of that kid yet? LOL. Hey, you think we can get Chevy to throw in a cowboy hat on top of the deal as well? Just for 'ol times sake? LOL...
Originally Posted by Scarrzz View Post
I'm in, we've been holding meetings for the past month and a half. I thought maybe I was going to the wrong place because it's always just me & my invisible friend.
That's what happens Scarrzz when you start answering that naggin' voice in your head that won't shutup talking to you about the ZL1...LOL ..soon that din will be replaced with the music of the dual mode exhaust!

Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
Old School..... thanks for the nod! It looks to me like those on the ZL1 team are truly reaching out to deliver what will be an ICON of today.... but reaching BACK to BRING those of us who remember along for the ride. Nothing like this has happened since the late 60's....

You know in 1967 the 389 was bumped to 400 ci, and they dumped the 3 deuces for a quadrajet. I always wanted 3 - 2's, but kept my 67 stock.

Sincere thanks again for the acknowledgement!
You're welcome Htron! Oh that reaching back feeling exists with me as well, no doubt there is a commitment within Chevy to honor their past and present achievements. Chevy has a fully functional WAYBAC machine hidden somewhere. Speaking of the past, say hello to my little friends..<they were big on reaching back too! LOL>

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