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This is what I have so far:
4 Gauge Console
Stock: 8 PLCC-2 (ice blue)
Stock: 4 PLCC-2 (red)

Door Panel
Stock: 2 5mm (ice blue)

Window up/down switches
3 0805 Surface Mount (ice blue)

Headlight Switch
5 0805 Surface Mount (ice blue)

HUD Switch:
3 0805 Surface Mount (ice blue)

Steering Wheel:
Stock: 10 PLCC-2 (ice blue)

Stock: 22 PLCC-2 (ice blue)
Stock: 7 PLCC-2 (amber)
Stock: 17 PLCC-2 (red)
Stock: 4 PLCC-2 (green)
Stock: 1 PLCC-2 (white)
Stock: 1 PLCC-2 (dark blue)
Stock screen: 5 Right angle (ice blue)
1 unknown on left (below the ice blue MPH)
1 unknown color on right- (fog lights)

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