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Ok, so these videos suck. When we went out the second time we were going to do some more granny laps so didn't fire up the GoPro. I was driving and Tom was manning the computers/laptop so both our hands were full. But then it was running so well we headed up and did those 6 psi runs without the camera...doh. Yeah I know stupid is as stupid does.

I am kicking myself in the butt now. Next time I know to just film everything and edit it later. But who knew ?

Coming off the lift for the road tuning:

Pulling out of the garage. (forgot to disengage the ignition safety lock when first trying to start it). Then it fired right up.

Getting ready for the road tuning laps. We are both surprised at how loud it is. Usually the turbos quiet the exhaust down more. Sounds pretty cool though.

Putting in our order for more C-16 for the later high boost runs:

Leaving NRE. You can hear the BOV's. First sounded like a beat coming out of the radio...

Passing a bus during granny laps:
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