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OK so i been playing with it all week and here is what i have so far.
1). Integrates well with the iPhone for calls, Navigation based upon preferred app I use the maps app that comes with the iPhone however there is also apps that give you turn by turn navigation. You can also run the map and pandora,radio, or iPod playback big plus for me.
2). Pandora shines in here in my opinion based on how you have your pandora set up I hardly have to change songs.
3). Option to view rear back up camera whenever you please if installed.
4). Ability to read see preview of incoming text therefore eliminating the need to stop and look at phone.
5). Always a plus when future apps will be added makes it somewhat future proof.
6). Jailbreaking the phone allows you to play video without having to do a bypass.

1) Limited to Iphone 4 and iPod touch current version.
2) Ability to customize the look as far as background you are only limited to two. (However there is a way to add your own back ground when updating new Firmware)
3) RCA connection only has one makes it difficult for a simple integration with the BA system.
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