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Originally Posted by wylde1 View Post
Thanks for the pics! That's exactly what I would like to do with mine so I'm happy to see the Red DIC looks as good as I thought it would. I might do the numbers white or orange though, still can't decide. If anyone gets dug into the center console like the heater dials, radio controls and radio display post up some pics I would love to see those changed.
Thanks! Yeah, I am actually thinking about changing the numbers to either red or white, too. I really like the look of an all-red cluster (thats what I had in m Pontiac G6 and it looked sharp), but I also like how the white sets off the red too. But whatever I decide, it would mean I need to take it all apart, again

JDrake1987 changed his to orange, and it looks pretty good.

I should mention that I didnt use right-angle LEDs for the DIC. I didnt have any (and was feeling a bit cowboyish) so I used the same type of PLCC-2s that I used for the rings. Right angle LEDs might make it a bit brighter. In fact I still havent been able to find any surface-mount right-angle LEDs like the ones for the DIC at all :( so if you know where I can find some, please let me know.

I am ordering some more LEDs today to start getting on some of the switches. I want to start on the radio, too, but haven't found a listing of the LEDs I'd need. Oh well, guess I'll just need to take it apart a couple of times. That makes me nervous, though...
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