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Originally Posted by WildBeast15 View Post
A cap is completely garbage and a waste of time... better off buying a second battery and doing the big3.

AND NEVER EVER EVER connect the amps neg to the batt's neg all the way upfront.. thats asking for a fire... run a 150amp fuse from the power wire off the batt to the amp about 18 inchs from the batt. then ground off the amp as soon as possible to the body of the car.. sand down to bare metal..
batts they will save you in the long run... caps are just a bandaid to the rest of your system..
You're serious? A capacitor is exactly the solution this guy needs to solve the problem of dimming lights. Battery's are not designed to be quickly discharged over and over. This kind of use quickly diminishes the battery's life, even if it is a deep cycle battery.

And since the battery for the Camaro is in the trunk right next to where his amps are going to be, he's not really risking a fire by connecting the ground to the battery's negative terminal because the ground wire won't be that long. I don't know if that'll harm the battery at all, though, because I'm not familiar with that kind of situation. I've never had a battery that close to my amps before to even try attaching the ground wire directly to the battery.
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