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Originally Posted by 1_2Many View Post
A battery cannot discharge as fast as a capacitor.

But isn't it true that you can remove a car battery after the car has been starting? So headlight dimming wouldn't be a battery issue it would be an alternator issue.
a batt can discharge faster if you buy a 16v batt but the speed that is required to discharge is not needed for sound systems..
and yes you can unhook them but you will most likely FRY the electric system.. the first tip is to run a bigger batt up front(or in back for this case) and a bigger one in the back.. then upgrade the alt to something like a 250amp (300 or above is way to hard to spin and keep cool)... or if you get h.i.ds you wont get that much of a dim because the hids require almost half the power (35 volts compared to 55)

This is a team mates hhr and its load thats a hifonics TEN THOUSAND WATT RMS AMP..
look at how many batterys he needs.. NOT ONE SINGLE CAP.
and he hits 149.9 db daily.. he is pushing 155db...

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